I am Exile Session 1

Raw Session Notes

Freeman’s Ark: Shipping vessel. 3 decks. Main deck, living quarters, cargo. Dirty hay, bile, salt, blood, and sweat mix for a pungent smell. There is a lack of hygiene
Smoothest, safest ship that makes the 2 month journey to the colonies. The crew is ex-military, compensated extremely well.
Captain: Former Imperial Navy Captain – Elias Mal. Cold, aged, treats everyone as cargo.
First Mate: Mr. Bolo. Large Half Orc, naval tattoos, mace, unfriendly, gruff
Halflings: Worship a Razorback Boar. They’re a slave caste in the empire and are subjected to racism. “Swinelovers” “Specs”
Branding: The worse your crime, the more prominent the brand.
Herder the Mute:
“Muthafucka! Take a swim!”
“I should get a boat with that flood you just unleashed!”
Zakir: “I make things mostly for tricks. Flash bombs, smoke sticks, the like.
Herder the Mute: “OH. SO you’re a bullshit artist!”
Gerund (GARE-und):
Kala: Dark Blonde hair, shrewd air about her
The Imperialists: Humans who think the only “good” crimes are war crimes. They only like other humans. This is the most violent of the gangs. Leader of the Imperialists – Tedrick the Cruel.
The Empire revered Roks (birds) and military has feathers on their armor.
Tedrick threatens Kala and Zakir overhears. He comes to her aid and he reveals that he has been using the precise and specific herbs from Kala to craft war items. Specifically, alchemist acid. Zakir tries to fool Tedrick into thinking it was an orb of fire that would sink the boat but Tedrick doesn’t believe him. Tedrick pushes Kala into Zakir and somehow she is caught, preventing her from falling prone, and the orb disappears into Zakir’s pocket.
The Imperialists draw their swords and advance but Tedrick and his Imperialist minions are crushed under the shroud of cutting words, a poorly constructed holy symbol, and a massive sword.
Drawn by the sound of combat, Mr. Bolo, the first mate, and his retinue of guards appear. They drag the party down to the hold with the livestock and lock up the group. Only Herder and Kala are left with their implements.
After being held captive for only a few moments, Zakir picks the lock. Herder heals captives in the cell and the party learns from various sources that all the weapons and armor were confiscated. Not only that, but the heavier people were taken as “ambassadors”.
Kala retires to her room but is met by the Captain who entreats her to perform as an ambassador to someone who has boarded the ship. She follows the captain to the deck and follows a trail of blood to the crew’s quarters. Zakir, going to see Kala, realizes that she is going up on deck and sees all the crew standing at attention.
The captain leads Kala to a dark room containing a briny beast in robes.

XP: 550 Points each

Emeriaan Exile: Preface!
Crossing the Great Expanse.

Writ of Exile

Praise be to his holiness the Devine Emperor Malkhazaar XIV, lord of The Great Kadian Empire, may he bend all of Alrâs to his will. He smiles down from his great empyrean, above the clouds, on all of his proud subjects.

It is in his benevolent judgment that those who walk a path outside of his divine light should be here-by removed to the distant colonies of Emeiraa, where they may live out the rest of their lives in service to the Empire as penance.
Those whom have been found in violation of his divine laws will be branded Pariah. He who doth walk the path of the Pariah shall board the next vessel to cross The Great Expanse and never again see the shores of Holy Kadia.

Those who choose the arduous journey across The Great Expanse in his name do so for their own personal reasons and leave our shores knowing that this is the single greatest act of Imperial devotion a citizen may display in our current age, and guarantees acceptance into the divine Hall of Everlasting Light as was expressed in the Divine Writ of The Emeriaan Crusades set down by Emperor Malkhazaar XII.

Those who refuse to accept this benevolent offering by our mighty Emperor do so knowing that to go against the will of the Emperor is to go against the will of a god, and therefore shall be branded Anathema and will meet his final judgment at the hands of his Divine Justicars. The punishment for such blasphemy is death and eternal damnation.

This is the will of our Divine Emperor, Praise be to his holy name, Malkhazaar.

High Cardinal Ebenezer Gaaris III, Herald of His Holy Decrees, Archivist of the Great Library at Cyril

The journey across The Great Expanse is a long, difficult one. Many ships bound from the Holy Kadian Empire to the shores of the Emeriaan Colonies never make it, their wrecked shells drifting to the bottom of some dark abyssal trench never to be heard from again. The sea roils with constant storms which toss ships off course. Foul beasts dwell beneath the waves preying on the ships that cross their paths. Those that survive dock in the coastal city of Newberth (City of Tears and Ressurection) and begin their new lives in this foreign, far flung continent at the edge of the world.

The world they once new is gone. The great cities of The Kadian Empire, with their glistening walls, running water, and beautiful art are replaced by jagged cliffs, and cold grey stone, in a realm still deep in the Dark Ages. The peaceful, settled empire they once knew is gone, and the Emeriaan wilderness stretches as far as the eye can see teaming with foul beasts, barbarian hordes, and ancient evils. Many settle down into the life of a colonist, working tirelessly in mines and farms at the command of Imperial masters. Life is cruel and short. Rumors of great lost fortunes from fallen empires just outside of imperial land reach the ears of many would be adventurers in the towns across the Emeriaan Colonies. Those who journey beyond the “impassible” Wintercap Mountains and past the borders of the Imperial colonies are, in the eyes of any Imperial citizen, stepping off the face of the Alrâs. The journey into the unknown is one few take, and even fewer return from. The people living beyond these mountains know little of the empire. Warring clans of the native Emeriaans savagely wage endless wars over unknown borders. Arcane magic is practiced openly in many of these lands, an act that the empire would call blasphemous. Dark Necromancers from forgotten ages toil in their towers. Warlocks make horrid unspeakable pacts with ancient demons. Could those cast out of the Holy Empire’s safe walls come to this dark, unforgiving continent to change their stars? Only time will tell…

… for your journey across the Great Expanse has just begun. You sit in the hold of Freeman’s Ark, a large merchant vessel full of expatriates, crusaders, pariahs, and other exiles bound for the colonies. Your living quarters are small befouled hay bales. Your worldly possessions are only what you could carry aboard. The hold of this ship is full of murderers, rapists, prisoners, and dregs of society. What has brought you to such a place?


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