Welcome to the Complete Encyclopedia of Known Alrâsian Legends and Lore.

I, Vociferys Ursae, the Time scribe, keeper of the well of endless knowledge do welcome you to this immense undertaking. This record is the single most complete archive of Alrâsian history and culture in existence. Inside its many pages lie the entirety of the existence. Every important act in recorded history is found herein. Every person of note is noted in its pages. Every known locale, fantastic or otherwise noteworthy is described in its many appendices. Tread lightly for what is written here shapes the very face of Alrâs.

What’s New?

I’m currently working on fleshing out the wiki as we go. Since we only have 1 session of the new campaign under our belts I am dumping as much info as I can into the Wiki. Please if you want to add something to the wiki let me know! Anything you created will be marked and acknowledged. I may even give out in game rewards for your troubles.

PLEASE ADD TO THE WIKI. This thing is only as good and robust as we make it!




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